December 3, 2020

A Guide To Buying Hot Water Cylinders

hot water cylinder system

It can be a real pain when you discover that your showers have suddenly gone cold because your heating system has given up the ghost and needs replacement. Getting hot water cylinders replacement suddenly hits the top of your priority list and it can be overwhelming to decide which product is right for your needs. So what kind of system should you choose and what do you think about before you buy and install one?


What kind of heating method should you choose?

When it comes to hot water cylinders replacement, there are a variety of heating methods to choose from including electricity, gas and solar – so which is right for you?



Electric hot water cylinder operated by heating a storage tank with an inner coil which is electrically heated – kind of like the way your kettle works. It’s possible to set timers to ensure the water is being heated at certain times of the day in order to take advantage of electricity tariffs, it’s also possible to control the temperature that your hot water cylinders are heated to. If you’re heating a big tank or have it running all day long, it can get expensive and you can end up with big power bills. The great thing about these hot water cylinders is that installation is usually very affordable and takes just a few hours. If you’re able to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, this can end up being one of the most affordable heating options. If you have four people in your household then you probably need a tank that is between 125 litres to 160 litres, or a large 250 to 315 litre system if you are a heavier usage household. A benefit of this type of system is that is can be installed both inside and outside and that they can be very affordable to purchase.



Gas hot water cylinders can be a very cost effective option as gas is usually cheaper than electricity. They can be quickly installed but it’s important to get a professional to install as they can be very dangerous if improperly installed. Due to the need for venting the gas these are usually installed outside and the average four-person household will need to invest in a tank that is around 135 to 170 litres. Gas hot water cylinders’ heat quickly and are known for their energy efficiency. They often work by using a pilot light to heat the tank. They are usually a bit more to purchase upfront but their lower daily running costs mean they can be a cost effective choice compared to electric.



Solar hot water cylinders are powered by solar panels. You’ll need around two panels to run a tank on solar and you’ll probably need a larger tank to make up for days where sun is limited or your needs are higher. Most systems will have a gas or electric booster installed so that you can more easily heat your water on low sunlight days. These systems can be much more expensive to purchase and more time consuming to install but tend to have the lowest running costs. There are a number of government rebate which can help to minimise the upfront purchase cost and make this an attractive option for homeowners who are environmentally conscious.


Should you get a tank or instantaneous?

When shopping for hot water cylinders you may come across other methods like instantaneous systems and wonder what’s right for you – the option you choose will depend on your budget and household needs, generally instantaneous is more costly.

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