September 19, 2020

Advice for Students Wanting to Work for a Blockchain Development Company in Australia

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The concept of students working towards a role with a blockchain development company in Australia was not even in the picture ten years ago, but it is now a genuine career path for young professionals.

Enterprises across a range of industries are understanding that this disruptive technology is not only a benefit for their organisation, but essential for them to adapt in order to be viable.

That rise in popularity will open up new opportunities for prospective workers, yet they need to know how to make their profile appealing to entities up and down the country to take advantage of that increase.


Start Small Before Progressing

While there will be big hitters with financial institutions that are the end goal for many engineers, analysts and developers, it is best to start small in this regard. A blockchain development company in Australia will prefer candidates who have got their hands dirty in the industry first, taking a leap forwards with modest startup enterprises before earning an opportunity with a large organisation.


Focus on Business Outcomes

Ultimately a blockchain development company in Australia is designed to drive business outcomes. These parties are the central constituents for this type of technology, allowing their clients to operate in an efficient and safe manner with their transactions. This is why a focus on customers, trading partners and suppliers will allow students to view the process through a different lens.


Creating a Professional Niche

Australian organisations within blockchain rarely bring aboard all-rounders who switch between roles. They will be recruiting specialists who know exactly what they excel at and what they bring to the table to a business. Students are well placed when they design their education around these profiles. These will range from engineers to analysts, developers, consultants, managers and web designers.


Security First Measures

If there is anything that a blockchain development company in Australia fears the most, it is being the victim of an unknown hack. That is why they will recruit operators who are savvy with elliptic curve digital signatures, private key cryptography and Merkle proofs to enhance their security mechanisms. While this type of process is still in development, it is essential that these firms hire men and women who have these skills.


Familiarity With Blockchain Platforms

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The moment that a student is comfortable switching between a Ripple and Ethereum platform, then it should be a matter of time before an opportunity with a blockchain development company in Australia arises. Frameworks like the R3 Corda and Hyperledger Fabric have their own unique style as well, providing more levels of engagement for participants alongside a dose of confusion. Individuals who are comfortable and adaptable switching from one outlet to the next without having to read the manual every time are already halfway there.


Strong Networking Skills

It is a great pathway to start small before building big towards a blockchain development company in Australia, but it does require some networking acumen in order to get noticed for most candidates. Speaking with peers and building relationships with others in the industry will provide those insights for upcoming roles. It can be awkward and uncomfortable at times for those that don’t have the confidence, but companies want to bring aboard people they can trust.


Building a Personal Profile

What is true for students hoping to get into blockchain is true for students with any industry in the 21st Century. It is paramount that individuals build their personal profile, creating a LinkedIn account and website to publish referrals and credentials. This allows them to have their skills promoted in one domain without having to always talk the talk to get into a blockchain development company in Australia.


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