May 26, 2021

All You Need To Know About A Balustrade In Perth

A Balustrade in Perth is the best solution to keep you secured in your home but with style. Whether it is your stairs to your balcony, these are perfect to make sure you don’t fall off. There is an incredible range of a balustrade in Perth such as glass to Aluminium to make sure your property looks aesthetically pleasing. Own it, with these incredible furnishings to add a little air of flair into your home. In this article, we will look at the different types of these railings on offer.

Here we’ve listed the many kinds of balustrade in Perth on offer

What is a balustrade in Perth?

A balustrade is a line of poles that is aligned in a rail typically used on balconies and staircases. There is a long history behind the rail, originating from Italy in the 17th of poles known as balusters. These balusters was named as it looks similar to pomegranate flowers which were called balaustra in Italy. Balustrades are essential as it prevents a person from falling over on a flight of steps to separating one area from another.

What type of balustrade in Perth should you go with?


Aluminium is a kind of balustrade in Perth that are one of the most incredibly affordable options on the menu. Not only are they low maintenance, versatile, and long-lasting (their inability to rust), Aluminium provides all the benefits to ensure your home or office is supported with the utmost lavish poles on offer. Powder coating is the best way for the shine to never fade. With all these incredible benefits, Aluminium is a great choice for your home.


A glass balustrade in Perth has a pristine and classic quality you cannot find anywhere else. In comparison to other types of banisters, glass allows you to see ahead without any poles blocking best view no matter where you are. These are built with glass panels that are clear and can be in any colour tint of your choosing. This railing is incredibly low maintenance as the glass can be as a clean with just a quick wipe.

Stainless steel

Staircase balustrade made in Perth

If you’re looking to make your home look sleek and modern, the stainless steel balustrade in Perth is your best bet. For those going for a more minimalist approach you too could benefit with the stainless steel option. Not only are they incredibly simple but they are easily adaptable to suit any colour palette in your home. Other benefits to stainless steel railing are the fact they are robust, low-maintenance, and incredibly hygienic. It does not rust which makes it perfectly environmentally friendly and low maintenance cleaning to occur.

Wrought iron

A wrought iron balustrade in Perth is a great kind of balustrade which is perfect for the office or your property. These type of railings provide good security that is built to last to make sure you don’t have the risk of falling off. There is a variety of styles, colours and other design options to choose from with your own customisations to add your own flair and charm to your home. Rust is not an issue as they are sealed to perfect to ensure your home is incredibly spick and spam.

A balustrade in Perth will for sure provide with the best place to call your own. There is a variety of different types of railing providing you with unlimited choices such as aluminum, glass, stainless steel, wrought iron, and much more. You can’t go wrong with a balustrade in Perth to liven up your space.

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