Effective way in Imechen

I want to think that Imechen is wonderful from the surroundings , I want you to look around the person in mind, want to eliminate the mannerism with the person you are dating, why each person wants to Imechen is different.
However, just because you did Imechen doesn’t mean it always rolls in a good direction.

An effective way to make sure of success is to avoid fine Imechens that you will not know unless you look closely.
If you are a woman, you will be aware of it because it is sensitive to slight changes, but in the case of men, it is difficult to notice details such as cutting hair several centimeters.

It is an effective way to understand what kind of image you have in your surroundings and to perform an image that is completely different from your usual image.

For example, if you always wear casual clothes in a pants style, try dressing up by wearing a skirt, etc. If you are always putting together your hair, you may try putting on your hair and winding it. You can attract heterosexuality in the gap.

You should also avoid clothes with a lot of exposure. I tend to think that it is sexy, but there are many men who have less exposure of skin such as Japanese clothes and feel the sex appeal of women. Sleeveless and the like are reasonably well, healthy and good, but in order not to forget femininity, let’s not forget the treatment of unwanted hair.
It’s relatively reasonable now.
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If you have difficulty objective judgment on their own, it would be a good idea to rely on the advice of a relationship of good friends and family.

It can be said that it is also effective to ask for details and to make reference as to whether you are drawing out your own appeal, such as your current clothes, makeup and hairstyles .

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