June 17, 2021

How To Find The Best Jade Necklace New Zealand Can Offer?

The elegance and beauty a jade can carry is unlike anything else you will ever see. However, the real challenge comes when you need to buy jade jewelry. It is especially more critical to be right about your judgment as buying something spiritually charged can have its own complications. For example, jade has a special place in the Maori culture of New Zealand and if you want to find the best jade necklace New Zealand has to offer, you should hone your buying skills a lot. Read on to find our top tips for buying a high quality authentic jade necklace.

Start with a Thorough Research

This is the part that your entire plan will rest on for success. If you want to buy the best jade necklace New Zealand can provide, then you need to find out everything you can about jades and their market. There are plenty of types to choose from and you will see that each of these has a different price tag attached to them. In addition to that, a significant difference can also be seen in price depending on the design and the vendor you are buying from. Note down all the things that you find and find out where you should start looking.

Never Choose the Cheapest Option

This advice does not just stand for the quality of the jade necklace New Zealand that you want to buy. If you find a vendor who is giving you a “rare” gem for an unbelievably low price, we highly recommend that you walk away immediately because there is a big chance that what they are selling is not jade. In addition to that, you should also be wary of any sellers who attach strange stories to their stones and claim that they are thousands of years old or come from a special time and place.  Your focus should be on paying only for the stone and not the story that someone attaches to it.

Always Ask for Expert Opinion

Jade necklace in New Zealand

Checking to see if the jade necklace New Zealand you are buying has a real jade in it is essential. Given the number of people scamming everyone these days, you can never be too safe. If possible, you should take the necklace and have the jade in it tested by a professional who is an expert with jades. They can help you identify fakes, especially if you find a high quality one.

However, you can also test it yourself to some extent by checking the surface. Jades are smooth to touch and feel cool when held in your hands. They are also incredibly tough so you cannot find scratches on them. Run your fingernail on the stone in the jade necklace New Zealand you want to buy and if you can scratch it then it is a fake. Some vendors selling fakes will also ask you not to perform the fingernail test.

Never Buy from a Festival

If you want to buy a good quality jade necklace New Zealand, then we suggest that you never do that at festivals of any kind. Most of the vendors selling jades at festivals are selling fakes and some of them are quite good at confusing even some experts. There are real jade sellers as well, but the premiums charged during festivals can be pretty high and you do not want to waste a big lump of money on paying premiums.


Apart from the points discussed here, you can also ask the jeweler that you are buying your jade necklace New Zealand from to provide you with a certificate of authenticity. It will put your mind at peace and define the quality grade (A to D) that your jade falls into as well.

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