May 26, 2021

How To Get A Job At One Of The Hair Salons Near Me

hair salons near me

Becoming a hairdresser is not a job that everybody thinks about. Still, it can be very rewarding and pay well if you do it right. Looking up ‘hair salons near me’ looking for work? It usually isn’t something that you think about on the fly, and get the job right away. There is a lot of training that goes into becoming a hairstylist, and achieving that goal can take a lot of time. There are many ways that you can go about completing your training as well, and it doesn’t always have to be going to an expensive beauty school, although that does help, and you will have to complete some form of training.

Become a receptionist

If you don’t have any experience in being a hairdresser at a hair salon near you, becoming a receptionist is a pretty good way to get into the industry. Being a receptionist at one of these salons gives you a foot in the door. It allows you to interact with hairdressers on a daily basis. You can get recommendations as well as be more likely to become an apprentice.

Become an apprentice

One of the best and most hands-on ways to become a hairdresser is to become an apprentice. To become an apprentice, you can ask around at any number of ‘hair salons near me’ to see if they are taking on any apprenticeships. To find these, just use a search engine and search for “hair salons near me” and call the numbers that are listed. This route can be time-consuming, and you are likely to be declined a lot. Alternatively, you can go to a group training organisation or go through an Apprenticeship Network provider. Apprenticeships can usually take between three and four years to complete.

Complete a hairdressing course

Completing a hairdressing course is also an excellent way to get certified and become a hairdresser. One you’ve done this you can usually look at ‘hair salons near me’ and find a job. Hairdressing courses generally take anywhere from a year and a half to three years to complete and will give you the skills that you need to become a hairstylist. Once your course is completed, you’ll be ready to become a hairdresser.

Accept any hairdressing job and build a client base

Hairdresser servicing a client

Once you have your hairdressing certificate, it is time to get into the industry and start building up a client base to work at ‘hair salons near me’. Keeping good track of sales and clients and providing good customer service is a great way to keep repeat customers. Even if you aren’t working at the best hair salon, starting with whatever you can get and then moving up is a great way to start. You are also more likely to get a job at a better salon if you build up a customer base and bring those customers with you.

Always be training

Even if you’ve already finished the required training, it never hurts and is very much encouraged to keep on training and gaining certificates until you have them all. Customers like a hairdresser that is well trained and well versed in any kind of hairstyling. Getting to that point does take a lot of work, but it is worth it.

Keep up with current trends

Keeping up with trends near you in the hairstyle industry is a must for any hairdresser that wants to become a master of their trade. Looking at the trends and learning new styles will keep you above the competition in terms of what clients will enjoy. The hairstyle industry is a service industry, and if you leave a particular salon, then your current client base will likely follow you wherever you go.

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