Imechen-high school student

There are not many high school students who want to do Imechen. However, in the case of a school with strict school rules, there are many people who are interested but can not do it. However, there is also the possibility of Imechen within the limits of the school regulations.

For example, it is not uncommon to change the beauty salon that cuts the hair, which changes the impression of the face a lot. Furthermore, even if it is difficult to make makeup, it is possible to adjust the eyebrows. It is a little thing, but the impression changes greatly and the feeling of cleanliness will also go up.

And among high school students, there is also a way to enjoy Imechen only on weekends. Even if it is difficult to dye the hair, you can easily make it the ideal hairstyle if it is a wig. Many people have the image that wig is expensive.
However, if it is a point wig, it is possible to purchase it for a few thousand yen even from about 1000 yen, even with a full wig.

You may think that wig is difficult to put on. It is not uncommon for people who can not get used well because they are not used at first, but once they get used they can use it easily. With such a wig, you can easily change the impression. It is not uncommon for people to be able to live an active high school life when they return to a school day on weekdays because

Imechen on the weekend leads to good stress relief. It is recommended that you enjoy what you can do without thinking Imechen is impossible because you are in a school where school rules are strict.

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