December 1, 2020

The First Things You Need To Do After Purchasing A Newcastle Storage Unit

Newcastle storage

Renting a Newcastle storage unit can be a life-changing decision. It’s great if you are in desperate need of more space for your items, yet don’t have enough space on your residential property. If you’ve just had a massive clean-out of your basement, attic or garage, then chances are you’ve tossed a lot of stuff. However, there’s a good chance you’ve organised the remaining items into several boxes and have nowhere to put this junk. If you can’t chuck it and you want to use your garage for your care for a change (how nice), then renting a Newcastle storage lot is your best bet. Once you’ve signed the contract and everything is locked in, here are the first things you absolutely must do.


Plan and plan some more

You can’t just dump everything in your Newcastle storage unit and expect everything to be okay. Certain items need to be stored in a specific way, like old clothes, fine cutlery and china, etc., so mindlessly stacking boxes won’t get you very far. Inspect the facility and the logistical parameters of your unit, and then plan how you can organise what needs to be placed inside.

Awkward items like old furniture (bookcases, bed rests, recliners, etc.), should be placed at the back of the unit since they won’t be required that often. On the other hand, old books and clothes, which you might want to use again or give to someone else, are more likely to come in handy later, so keeping them at the front of the unit is advised.


Clean the unit

While it is a requirement that each Newcastle storage unit is cleaned when the rental agreement changes hands, we recommend that you clean the unit yourself as an added precaution. This doesn’t mean that you need to be on your hands and knees, mindlessly scrubbing every inch unity. However, we recommend giving the floor of the facility a sweep and removing any marks or stains etched into the ground or walls.


Make a path

Plan the outline of your Newcastle storage unit to ensure that you have an adequate pathway. You want to be able to safely access everything in the unit, so the path should start from the entryway and snaked through the items until you reach the back. Make the way as wide as possible to maximise safety.

Label your boxes before stacking

Before you start stacking boxes in your new Newcastle storage unit, make sure everything is labelled (all four sides) and clearly categorised. While it might seem over the top, we strongly recommend creating a spreadsheet. Instead of labelling each box with a vague category (like books), use a different classification system. Vague terms can become annoying since you might have several boxes with the same name like “old DVDs” or “camping gear”. Instead, give each box a distinct category, list every item in that box and then save. This way, when you need a specific item, you can “search” the excel spreadsheet and locate which box it is in.

Stack with caution

Newcastle storage stacked with stuff

Once you have labelled and logged all the boxes and their contents, you can now begin the process of stacking them in your Newcastle storage facility. Each side should be marked – since you may not know which side of the box will be visible to you. Likewise, it is also essential that boxes containing heavier items are stacked at the bottom, while lighter boxes are stacked at the top. Lighter parcels may include old clothes, drapes, bed sheets or dining tablecloths, which could be damaged if their package is similarly compromised because of poor stacking.

If you remember these tips when organising your Newcastle storage unit, then your items should be safe, secured and easy to discover!

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